Implementation of technology has become the most important need of modern business due to several reasons like increase in the speed of business activities, reaching the far prospects and delivering the products and services in time.  Covedo IT was established to encourage the technology innovations in the business world. We have wide range of IT services and solutions that most of the businesses in the modern world require. We focus on the global technology trends and keep ourselves updated to embed the business organizations with innovative technology and help them operate more productively and make their transactions easier with the help of strategically designed IT solutions. We follow business driven development methodology by which we develop IT solutions that satisfy the complete business requirements that are achieved by adopting a model drivel approach that starts with business strategy requirements and goals of the organizations and then transform them into right IT solutions.

Covedo has an expertise of multiple technologies including open source and cloud computing systems. With wide range of expert cost effective solutions and services in both Closed and open source technologies, Covedo plays a vital role in the Middle Eastern IT market. Apart from customized solutions, Covedo has also invested in developing specialized technologies and entertain other technology innovations.


To be a pioneer in the Middle Eastern IT industry who is known and accepted for its innovations and services.


To delight our clients through innovative and cost effective IT solutions and services and to keep better bonds between us.

To build the most competitive team of IT professionals in the region by creating a great platform for the young aspirants.